A tailored approach for a personally synchronized & lasting solution

Whether you are looking for a guidance counselor, college guidance, or new careers, I specialize in offering a self discovery process far more hand tailored than traditional, generic online vocational, college, or career guidance services. I am committed to not just helping you find an “ok fit”, but ensuring we identify educational or career pathways that are deeply synchronized to who you REALLY are. When this occurs, you not only fall in love with your pathway, but you STAY IN LOVE with it.  You cannot afford emotionally or financially devastating missteps when it comes to planning YOUR LIFE.

My Personalized College or Career Matching (PCM) processes ensure that penetrating scientific findings are richly interwoven with your most valuable personal information ensuring a uniquely tailored educational or career solution for you. As a educational and career counselor who is a recognized (and published) behavioral science expert, my process has been honed over 15 years and ensures we find pathways deeply synchronized to your innermost patterns. This precise matching results in your work feeling like play; you feel you are doing what you were meant to do!

A huge crowd of consultants will all tell you they can help you choose a career or school option! You should aggressively interview them. Feel free to use my consultant interview questionnaire to interview any vocational education or new career consultant.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, we deliver services to people around the globe just as personally as we do to those in our home community.

What We Offer You
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Identify and accelerate inborn talents leading to better high school placement decisions

Identify critical student skill gaps to ensure success with post-high school educational/work

Clarify the most realistic and best value next educational step or internship/apprenticeship

Discover the most realistic college options that will result in a job at graduation

Determine occupations deeply synchronized to the your innermost patterns

Find work providing a lifelong, satisfying career marriage

Find work or non-work activities where your unique legacy will be remembered

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