Choosing a College Major That Leads To a Lifelong Career

Posted on Aug 04, 2017

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Statistics repeatedly clarify that students typically change their major on average approximately six times during their college “career”.   This means students commonly hit dead ends and indicates their experience is not unlike a mouse in a maze where they continually get lost and, in fact, have to back track or go in reverse before they finally find a direction. When they find a direction it is often still a guess, educated only by their subjective opinion. 




It is not surprising that students change their majors numerous times because college guidance counselors do not have the time to do an in-depth vocational assessment.  The main part of college guidance is often more about course selection only, which is understandable since college guidance counselors have hundreds of students on their list.

Meanwhile, the goal of college is to prepare a person for a lifelong and sustainable career, and we can all agree the best way to ramp up to a career is through a strategically directed preparation plan.  To prepare for a career, one must determine what their Career Sweet Spot is; where their natural aptitudes, inborn tendencies, most energizing patterns and passions, and technical skills overlap.

Unless one is born knowing what they want to do, the Career Sweet Spot is only discoverable through a comprehensive but concise analysis of a person’s Workplace Personality. See a 3-minute movie of how this is done in a scientifically credible manner here.

Why not choose a college major based on deep intelligence, so when you graduate you can walk into a career, rather than into your parents’ house where you need to stay because you’re jobless??





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