Overview of Services


Why NOT make academic or career planning less like blindfolded steps of faith and more like calculated maneuvering?

Audience “Migraine Headaches” we cure
Adolescent Mentorship
  • How help child develop their inborn talents from early on in their life?
Preparedness to Leave Adolescent Nest (PLAN)
  • Identify critical student skill gaps to ensure success with post-high school educational/work
  • What am I REALLY meant to do?
  • Technical school, college, or work for NEXT STEP?
  • Which apprenticeship is best?
College Involved
  • BEST VALUE college given vocational profile?
  • Best major or course selection ROADMAP?
Career Discovery
  • Why am I so unhappy at work?
  • How do I find work DEEPLY SYNCHRONIZED to me?
  • How can I identify a LIFELONG career I enjoy?
Career Transition and/or Re-tooling
  • How can I find the work where I leave a LEGACY?
  • How do I TRANSITION into a career I can retire on?
  • How RETOOL to ensure employment?
Leaving a Legacy
  • How do I leave a legacy I am proud of?
  • What work will lead to my leaving behind the best of who I am to others?

Ultimate Benefits

The long lasting benefits through the PCM Process include the following:

  • Avoid crippling debt ($$$$$$$)
  • Long term financial security
  • Avoid dead-ends/twists & turns
  • Lifelong, stable career marriage
  • Daily joy from meaningful work
  • Deep Insight = Sustainable Career
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