Identify/Accelerate Your Talent


To Unlock Potential…


And have a SUSTAINABLE relationship to your education or work

A critical task to accurately identifying and accelerating your talent is to find someone who reliably shepherds you through a process of the deepest kind of self-discovery. To help you truly turn yourself “inside out”, you need someone who has a track record of expertise in helping clients gain a complex yet concise understanding of your personality and profile of motivations, passions, inborn aptitudes, environmental needs, etc. You need a professional with a 360° perspective who can help you precisely locate where your “sweet spot” exists; that area where your interests, passions, aptitudes, and environmental needs converge.

We specialize in using the best Great People Science (GPS) to guide you through a process whereby you become confidently aware of those educational pathways and/or careers which will allow you to feel deeply synchronized to your daily environment.

Over the years we have found that identifying your talent is only a small part of the overall challenge. Reaching your potential through the fullest expression of your set of talents only comes from discovering a place where all aspects of who you are converge. Noting short of this will reliably produce anything more than temporary work that will lose its luster and you will back to feeling like you are in a fog. The comprehensiveness of our process prevents this fog from coming back.

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