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Dr. Thomas Brunner

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Dr. Tom Brunner is a capable educational and career guidance counselor who has mentored over a 1,000 students and professionals from all walks of life. High school/college students and early/mid/late career professionals have come to him for over a decade to chart educational paths and/or find a fun, meaningful, stable, and economically secure careers.  Not satisfied with simply helping clients find “ok fits”, Dr. Brunner focuses on ensuring clients find a career or education path they not only fall in love with but stay in love with. A lifelong “career marriage” is identified via a rigorous Personalized College/Career Matching (PCM) process that he has refined over the last 10 years as a Mentor, expert psychologist, published assessment expert, and research scientist.

As a trusted doctoral level professional consulted by organizations (e.g., Tucson Electric Power, University of Arizona Disability  Resource  Center), parents, educators, college guidance counselors, and learning specialists, Dr. Brunner focuses on using precise tools to ensure each client feels “turned inside out” so they gain a masterful grasp of their core patterns.  Clarity about these predominating patterns results in comforting awareness of what occupations or educational opportunities are deeply synchronized to the client’s deepest needs.


Knowing that career guidance is often over-simplified, Dr. Brunner brings a unique level of expertise and sensitive judgement to this challenging area.  His unique ability to blend science with sensitivity to individual differences is highlighted by the fact that he regularly testifies in court as an expert witness.  He is a recognized expert on issues including assessment, human development, and evidence-based practice. Dr. Brunner is an innovator who has been invited to give presentations at national or local venues including University Medical Center, Tucson, AZ.

Tom and his wife Maria (native Tucsonan) have two children with whom they enjoy the outdoors.  He and his wife enjoy giving back to the Community through pro bono activities, and he has a passion for helping people break through to their next level of development.  Dr. Brunner is a practitioner, author, speaker, blogger, and innovator who has continued to publish scientific articles on issues including advanced assessment.

Awards and Distinctions

Dr. Brunner is humbled by the fact that he was awarded the Arizona Psychological Foundation’s Early Career Psychologist Award.  Also a recipient of a Society for Personality Assessment award, he is senior author of a cross cultural assessment tool that has been adapted into 11 languages.  He has published numerous scientific book chapter and peer reviewed journal articles.  He is a Board Certified Psychologist whose assessments have been used by organizations including the University of Arizona, Armed Forces, Carondelet Healthcare, and Tucson Electric Power.


Dr. Brunner earned his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of South Florida.  His residency was at the University of Florida Health Science Center.  He also holds an M.A. from the University of Chicago, and a BA from Tulane University, including Junior Year Abroad at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland).

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