Penetrate Your Bubbles

Image - PCM knife

We all live within bubbles created by our biases and lack of self-knowledge. My PCM process pops that bubble using cutting edge analytical tools and interviewing techniques.


Simply by paying attention to scary student statistics and the prevalence of unfulfilled professionals, it is clear the vast majority of people (you and I know them!) make poor educational or career decisions because they live in “bubbles of subjectivity”. In other words, they have a very limited level of realism about who they really are. This is probably one reason why the failure rate of marriages is so high! People lack of 360° view of themselves, and for this reason it is rare for someone to not experience emotionally or financially traumatizing injuries because of educational or career missteps. Especially in these economically difficult times, you cannot afford even one misstep.  You need to undergo the sharpest self analysis possible to have your list of educational or career options whittled down to only those existing in your sweet spot; where you all important aspects of who you really are converge.

Dr. Brunner has a publicly discoverable record of being trusted to give expert opinions (in courtrooms) on people’s overall functioning, detailing their strengths, skill gaps, etc. You need a trustworthy confidant and mentor who can guide you through a process such that you have crystal clarity regarding not only your overall profile of talents, but what skill gaps must be accounted for in order to ensure your talent translates into real-world success.

We can all think of people who have incredible talent which fizzled because they were not able to close the gap between their talent and the application of that talent in the real world. Dr. Brunner specializes in not only in depth awareness of a person’s profile, but developing roadmaps such that your talents can be dialed into real-world opportunities. Our PCM process gives you the sharpest real world edge to pop your bubbles!

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