Reasons You May Call Us


“My husband and I are overwhelmed by how many college options there are for our adolescent. How do we determine what the best fit and best value colleges would be so that our adolescent graduates with a job in hand and uses summers to work in relevant internships?”

“My middle school child is really gifted and I want to help them continue developing their talents, but the school they are at does not seem stimulating enough.  How do I link them to experiences that will accelerate their skills even more?”

“What high school is best for my adolescent? They have specific interests in engineering and I want to choose the best school for them so they gain entrance to the best college and receive the most scholarship money”

“I am a sophomore in college and feel like I am in a fog.  I have no interest in my current major in Biology.  How can I figure out how to tap into my passion for science?”

“I have been in the military for 10 years and want to enter the private sector. How do I take the skills that I’ve developed and leverage them such that I can obtain the best position in my area of strategic defense?”

“I am an early career computer engineer who has been diagnosed with autism, and I struggle with social awkwardness. I want to work in a different area of computer science, how do I identify the exact skill set I need to develop in order to obtain the position I am looking for?”

“I have worked in the field of accounting for 25 years, and want to transition into work that I find more meaningful so I can leave a legacy.  How do I do an assessment of my skills so that I have a panoramic view of all of my employment options to find a job synchronized to who I am which can also help me  continue to build on my retirement plan?”

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