High Salary Careers not needing a College Degree

Posted on Jun 09, 2017

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Anecdote for laughs: A brain surgeon was having a party and suddenly a leak required him to call a plumber. The plumber came out on an emergency call and after a half hour of work produced a $400 bill. The shocked brain surgeon said to the plumber “I’m a brain surgeon!  I don’t even make that kind of money!”  The plumber replied, “When I was a brain surgeon, I didn’t make THAT kind of money, either!”

Moral of the Story: Don’t think college is the only route for your child to obtain a higher-paying salary.

Bottom line for parents: Do not assume college is your child’s only route to a career.


How to take action:  Make sure your adolescent obtains an in-depth, personalized career matching process, so that what they are meant to do becomes clear to them.  Only then should you determine if college is necessary… There are many roads to Rome.

Rather than making the mistaken assumption that colleges have the time to do in-depth career guidance, make your adolescent responsible for figuring out what they are meant to do by undergoing personalized career guidance.

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Jobs that do not require a degree:

Job title Median annual salary Projected openings (through 2022)
Elevator installers and repairers $76,650 8,000
Nuclear power reactor operators $74,990 2,300
Detectives and criminal investigators $74,300 27,700
Commercial pilots $73,280 14,400
Power distributors and dispatchers $71,690 3,600
First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers $70,060 50,300
Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers $69,300 150,200
Power plant operators $66,130 12,900
Gaming managers $65,220 1,400
Transportation inspectors $63,680 11,700
Electrical Power-line installers and repairers $63,250 49,900
Postmasters and mail superintendents $63,050 5,000
Subway and streetcar operators $62,730 3,300
Web developers $62,500 50,700
Computer Support Specialist $62,250 88,800
Petroleum pump system operators, refinery, operators, and gaugers $61,850 15,500
Aerospace engineering and operations technicians $61,530 2,100
Gas Plant Operators $61,140 4,700
First-line supervisors of mechanics, installers, and repairers $60,250 152,000
Plumber $46,000 49,100
Wind Turbine Technician $51,050 4,800
Hearing Aid Specialist $49,600 1,600
Insurance Sales Agent $48,200 43,500
Clinical Laboratory Technician $38,970 29,000
Massage Therapist $38,040 36,500
Medical Records Technician $37,110 29,000
Maintenance and Repair Worker $36,630 83,500
Optician $34,840 17,800
Medical Secretary $33,040 108,200
Veterinary Technician $31,800 17,900
Medical Assistant $30,590 138,900
Occupational Therapy Aide $27,800 2,700
Physical Therapist Aide $25,120 19,500
Home Health Aide $21,920 348,400
Personal Care Aide $20,980 458,100


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Dr. Tom Brunner is a compassionate guidance counselor, behavioral science expert, and published research scientist. His main mission is to utilize the very best tools to give people uniquely hand tailored, impactful, and durable solutions to their pressing educational or career challenges. View the Overview of his college and career matching process. You may view his portfolio here. He has worked in-the-trenches with all walks of life, from mentoring struggling students to helping gifted/talented adolescents and adults professionals accelerate their development. He is an innovator who has received awards from the Early Career Psychologist Award (by the Arizona Psychological Foundation) as well the Society for Personality Assessment. Dr. Brunner is senior author of a behavioral science measurement tool adapted into 11 languages. He is author of numerous presentations and peer reviewed scientific articles, sometimes alongside leading experts. As a PhD Board Licensed Psychologist, he has served as an expert witness in the legal arena, and has been consulted by local (Tucson Electric Power) and nationwide organizations. To read his bio, click here, read his resume here.

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