REMINDER: Invitation to Dr. Brunner’s presentation: How to use Behavioral Science to find educational and/or career paths synchronized to who you REALLY are

Posted on Apr 08, 2016

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If you are any of the following, you will benefit greatly from this free presentation: 

–parents of junior high students wondering what high school will be the best fit for their adolescent

–parents of adolescents 14 years or older considering the best step after high school

–students unsure if they should go to a technical school, college, or work

–college students trying to figure what they should major in

–unfulfilled professionals or professionals seeking more meaningful work that will better tap their talents  and or provide a way to retire and leave a Legacy



After over a decade of Mentoring students and professionals, from all walks of life, Dr. Brunner will discuss a process he has scientifically developed to help people find educational & career paths synchronized to who they REALLY are.  Whether you are an unfulfilled professional, dissatisfied or college bound student, or a parent trying to choose between high schools or colleges (or about to send your child to college but you need an academic plan), this talk will address what factors you need to consider to  make the best next step!!!!


Snapshot information:

Movie overview of his Personalized College and Personalized Career Matching (PCM) processes:

*As a published behavioral science expert and doctoral level trusted confidant, Dr. Brunner will discuss how the most advanced Behavioral Science can be used to ensure people find Work that feels like Play!

*X-ray Dr. Brunner here, and view his full work portfolio as a practitioner, consultant, and expert here


Event Information: 

Date:     April 14, 2016

Time:    6:00 p.m.

Place:  Aloft Tucson University Hotel (Campbell and Speedway, 2 minutes from the University of Arizona campus)

1900 E. Speedway Blvd

Tucson, AZ  85719

Contact: Denice Salazar



Skype: reach.drbrunner

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Meet the Behavior Science Expert

Dr. Tom Brunner is a compassionate guidance counselor, behavioral science expert, and published research scientist. His main mission is to utilize the very best tools to give people uniquely hand tailored, impactful, and durable solutions to their pressing educational or career challenges. View the Overview of his college and career matching process. You may view his portfolio here. He has worked in-the-trenches with all walks of life, from mentoring struggling students to helping gifted/talented adolescents and adults professionals accelerate their development. He is an innovator who has received awards from the Early Career Psychologist Award (by the Arizona Psychological Foundation) as well the Society for Personality Assessment. Dr. Brunner is senior author of a behavioral science measurement tool adapted into 11 languages. He is author of numerous presentations and peer reviewed scientific articles, sometimes alongside leading experts. As a PhD Board Licensed Psychologist, he has served as an expert witness in the legal arena, and has been consulted by local (Tucson Electric Power) and nationwide organizations. To read his bio, click here, read his resume here.

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