Want to know how your junior or community college credits transfer to UA, NAU, ASU, and over 15 other community colleges? Here’s how…

Posted on Jul 09, 2016

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Who will benefit? Anyone who is planning on transferring credits between an Arizona University or junior college or any parent of students who are considering how they might attend different colleges or universities and have credits transfer.

Is there a freebie?  Absolutely!  And this freebie will save you a lot of time and heartache:

This amazing website I came upon recently has a Course Equivalency Guide (CEG) that shows students how community college courses transfer to ASU, NAU, and UoA.  This is an amazingly useful mechanism for students who are trying to create a navigation route whereby they can transfer credits from junior colleges to University schools.

This website also has an Exam Equivalency Guide (EEG) that shows students how exam scores may translate to college credit.

The ultimate beauty of this website is it helps students learn how to maximize their transfer credits as they move from a community college to a university.

Pass this on to those you know where currently attending any junior or community college and are planning on transferring to a University at some point!

Final Note: Of course, to develop a set of courses that will help a student or adult professional student ramp up to a career that is deeply synchronized to who they really are, that requires a deep degree of insight that does not necessarily come from simply taking courses.  Use the following link to examine the scientific process I have developed to help people at any age find a meaningful, secure, and lifelong career:

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