The process of how you find an educational and/or career SWEET SPOT

Posted on Jul 22, 2016

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Who will benefit? Anyone searching for an educational path and/or career that is so deeply synchronized to their personality that they end up doing what they love and loving what they do.

In response to a variety of people who suggested we turn our movie into a blog so our core process is clarified, here you go…

Personalized Matching video

My name is Dr. Tom Brunner.

Over the last 15 years I have mentored nearly a thousand students and professionals from all walks of life.  High school and college students, early, mid and late career professionals have all come to me to find an educational path or career — or transition to a better one.

Doing what you love and loving what you do.   Isn’t that the goal for all of us?  After all, if we are not happy at work it is nearly impossible to be happy in life.     The sad reality is most people you and I know experience anxiety and fogginess rather than certainty about their educational path or ultimate career destination.

Why not make academic or career planning less like blindfolded steps of faith and more like calculated maneuvering? 

Our Personalized College or Career Matching processes- or PCM – clear away the fog by identifying education or careers synchronized to your deepest patterns, passions, and natural abilities.   We call this area of convergence the educational or career SWEET SPOT.  To accurately identify your sweet spot, our 4 stage PCM process involves a rigorously hand tailored integration of penetrating scientific and interviewing techniques to discover who you are at your core, to ensure a smooth drive to an accurate education pathway or career destination.

In stage number 1, we X-ray your underground – yet established – deepest rooted passions, inborn aptitudes, and environmental needs.

Using that foundational knowledge, in stage 2, we precisely measure your level of passion versus your technical aptitude to establish a panoramic view of all possible sweet spot educational choices or careers.

In stage 3 we whittle down the sweet spot list by integrating vocational and personality assessment data and expertly blend that with critically insightful Stage 1 and 2 information.

In the fourth and final stage, you intimately test drive each sweet spot educational pathway or career to finalize the sweet spot list.

Shepherding someone through the complex journey of self-discovery takes a rare kind of expertise.  As the senior author of a cross-cultural assessment tool adapted into 11 languages around the world, I offer you a unique blending of personalized sensitivity and scientific rigor.

If you want to be one of the few who have a joyful, lifelong marriage to their work, where your true potential is unlocked, you must be deeply synchronized to your education or work.  Unfortunately, 50 years of research on educational and career satisfaction reveals only a small minority of people are deeply synchronized to their daily environment.

What is the secret?

The secret is finding someone who can reliably identify, carefully measure, and accurately match your patterns to education paths or careers synchronized to who you really are. Without synchronization, you become another casualty in the epidemic of academic debt or career despair.  Even just one life planning misstep can result in traumatizing financial and emotional downward tumbles.

Whether young student or older professional, we all operate within bubbles that we naively make decisions within.

Our process punctures that bubble with precision and deep understanding giving you the sharpest, most realistic view.

Our work is how we make our most cherished dreams a reality and how we leave a legacy.  When careers are synchronized to our patterns, our work feels like play.

Are you ready to be so smoothly synchronized to your education or work that your daily environment feels hand tailored to you?   We can put you in direct contact with one of the hundreds of people that I have mentored who at this moment are engaged in education or work they feel is deeply meaningful and enjoyable.  Why settle for less??

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Meet the Behavior Science Expert

Dr. Tom Brunner is a compassionate guidance counselor, behavioral science expert, and published research scientist. His main mission is to utilize the very best tools to give people uniquely hand tailored, impactful, and durable solutions to their pressing educational or career challenges. View the Overview of his college and career matching process. You may view his portfolio here. He has worked in-the-trenches with all walks of life, from mentoring struggling students to helping gifted/talented adolescents and adults professionals accelerate their development. He is an innovator who has received awards from the Early Career Psychologist Award (by the Arizona Psychological Foundation) as well the Society for Personality Assessment. Dr. Brunner is senior author of a behavioral science measurement tool adapted into 11 languages. He is author of numerous presentations and peer reviewed scientific articles, sometimes alongside leading experts. As a PhD Board Licensed Psychologist, he has served as an expert witness in the legal arena, and has been consulted by local (Tucson Electric Power) and nationwide organizations. To read his bio, click here, read his resume here.

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