The new way to send your child to college – knowing their career ahead of time!

Posted on May 19, 2017

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As we all continue to be barraged by articles denouncing the staggering and unjustifiable costs of colleges, families continue to understand that sending a child the college remains a necessity.  The college degree, or an advanced technical level of training, is still often a necessary gateway to a higher income position.

Depressing statistics are forcing people to realize they must find a New Way to send their kids to college.  The Old School Way to send a child to college is to help them choose a college and then hope they will wander around and figure out what they want to do by the end of their four years.

The New Strategic Way to send your kid to college is to help them understand realistic careers before they step foot on a campus.  That way, rather than trusting their course selection to an academic counselor who may barely know them, they can strategically design their own curriculum that will be based on the most likely kinds of careers they will end up doing for the rest of their lives.


And the only way to find a career that is deeply synchronized to who your child REALLY IS, is to have them undergo a process whereby your child’s core passions, skills, and aptitudes are connected to careers that will provide them with a lifetime of passion and economic security.

After watching the high school and college students I work with wander around in career fogs I decided to design a process, and made a movie to make this process transparent:

You cannot afford to send your child to college the Old Way, unless you are very wealthy. 

Most people now pay as much for college as they do for their house mortgage.  Think about how much research you do before you buy your home.  Well, that much research needs to be done on who your child really is before you choose the college.  Otherwise, while they may have a lot of fun at college, they will end up on your couch after they have had fun at your expense.

You still have to send your kid to college, but you can send them to college with a prearranged strategic plan for how they will use their coursework to even further whittle down their real career options.  That way, well before they graduate, they will be deeply synced into a career or their exact next step leading to a career.


People are born with the essential characteristics that will determine what careers are well-suited to them.  By the time a child is in high school, they are ready to undergo vocational assessment whereby realistic career possibilities can be clearly defined.

How do I know?  I’ve worked with over 1000 adolescents and adults and mentored them successfully.


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Dr. Tom Brunner is a compassionate guidance counselor, behavioral science expert, and published research scientist. His main mission is to utilize the very best tools to give people uniquely hand tailored, impactful, and durable solutions to their pressing educational or career challenges. View the Overview of his college and career matching process. You may view his portfolio here. He has worked in-the-trenches with all walks of life, from mentoring struggling students to helping gifted/talented adolescents and adults professionals accelerate their development. He is an innovator who has received awards from the Early Career Psychologist Award (by the Arizona Psychological Foundation) as well the Society for Personality Assessment. Dr. Brunner is senior author of a behavioral science measurement tool adapted into 11 languages. He is author of numerous presentations and peer reviewed scientific articles, sometimes alongside leading experts. As a PhD Board Licensed Psychologist, he has served as an expert witness in the legal arena, and has been consulted by local (Tucson Electric Power) and nationwide organizations. To read his bio, click here, read his resume here.

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