Overview of Services TEST


Why NOT make academic or career planning less like blindfolded steps of faith and more like calculated maneuvering?

See our overview our services below that focuses on the target audience along with the “Migraine Headaches” we cure. Additionally included are the lasting benefits achieved through following the PCM Process.

Adolescent Mentorship

  • How help child develop their inborn talents from early on in their life?

Preparedness to Leave Adolescent Nest (PLAN)

  • Identify critical student skill gaps to ensure success with post-high school educational/work


  • What am I REALLY meant to do?
  • Technical school, college, or work for NEXT STEP?
  • Which apprenticeship is best?

College Involved

  • BEST VALUE college given vocational profile?
  • Best major or course selection ROADMAP?

Career Discovery

  • Why am I so unhappy at work?
  • How do I find work DEEPLY SYNCHRONIZED to me?
  • How can I identify a LIFELONG career I enjoy?

Career Transition and/or Re-tooling

  • How can I find the work where I leave a LEGACY?
  • How do I TRANSITION into a career I can retire on?
  • How RETOOL to ensure employment?

Leaving a Legacy

  • How do I leave a legacy I am proud of?
  • What work will lead to my leaving behind the best of who I am to others?

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